Ice Gel Cooling Full Face Mask
Ice Gel Cooling Full Face Mask

HOT & COLD FACE TREATMENT: Gel face mask cold pack can be frozen for a calming spa like or heated for a warm therapy. Frozen Gel face mask is made with a soft lining that sits gently on your face.

RELIEVING COOLING GEL FACE MASK: Waking up with tired and swollen eyes ridden with dark circles isn’t the best start to any day. Ice gel face masks reduce puffiness, ensure effective relaxation!

EFFECTIVE SOOTHING FACE MASKS: cold mask for puffy eyes help alleviate pain and inflammation that might be caused due to several other health issues. Gel bead cooling face mask with a RUBBERIZED STRAP.

SAFE THERAPEUTIC FACE GEL MASK: Hot cold face mask therapy gel bead sleep mask is free from harmful materials and chemicals. Soothing face mask to reduce stress is extremely easy to use.

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Product size: 28*15cm

Product weight: 230g