Multi-Purpose Reusable Large Hot Cold Gel Pad Wrap
Multi-Purpose Reusable Large Hot Cold Gel Pad Wrap

HOT OR COLD RELIEF – COLD COMPRESS restricts blood flow to an effected pain area to reduce inflammation or swelling while HOT COMPRESS increases the blood flow and oxygen to an effected area to help heal damaged tissue. Choose which is right for you and get back to doing the things you love!

REUSABLE – this ice pack can soothe even the largest of pain areas including Shoulder, Back, Belly, Hip, and Knee. It's extremely comfortable and thanks to its adjustable velcro straps, ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL. Simply microwave, boil, or freeze as needed.

STAYS COLDER LONGER – TheraCool ice pack stays colder for up to 45 more minutes than other competitors and remain flexible even after frozen at 0℉(-17℃).

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Product size:28*35.6cm

Product weight: 900g


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