Chilled poultry must be shipped off the cold chain

From selling live chickens to fresh ones, from market trading to slaughtering -- hangzhou has decided to arm itself with poultry sales to make people eat healthier. Following the introduction of designated slaughtering and slaughtering of poultry, hangzhou issued the opinions on promoting the cold chain sales and supply of poultry in the urban area of hangzhou again (draft for soliciting opinions). These two days, we are soliciting opinions on the government website.

Hangzhou plans to plan, design and build an urban poultry cold chain wholesale market, and select several meat wholesale markets in the north and south of the city to carry out chilled (frozen) poultry trading, according to the draft. At the same time, for the existing meat trading market, expand the poultry products trading area, open up the chilled poultry trading center, equipped with corresponding cold storage, cold storage and other necessary refrigeration facilities; If the wholesale market to transport chilled poultry products, must be done cold chain exit, do not meet the requirements of other non-refrigerated vehicles transporting chilled poultry in and out of the market.

If the strength of the wholesale market itself is insufficient to meet such requirements, it is encouraged to introduce third-party logistics enterprises to participate in the distribution of cold chain products, and strive to make more than 200 cold fresh (frozen) poultry product sales points in the urban area of hangzhou within two years.

The draft also calls for establishing a complete food safety traceability system from agricultural departments, slaughtering and processing enterprises to distribution vouchers, with the poultry wholesale market as the hub.

For enterprises to establish such cold chain system, hangzhou is: with the support policy of agricultural and sideline products logistics park in hangzhou and zhejiang new farming city based on the cold fresh poultry wholesale enterprises (enterprises), and the city (excluding xiaoshan, yuhang) cold fresh poultry retail enterprises to implement reconstruction of poultry products cold chain, cold chain of new vehicles, and improve project subsidies, subsidies amount is within two years from 2014 to 2015, the approval of 15% of the actual investment. In principle, the subsidy fund for a single project shall not exceed 2 million yuan.

If the poultry cold fresh chain sales of enterprises reach more than five chain stores, a subsidy of 50,000 yuan will be given to each store within two years from 2014 to 2015.

In order to ensure the quality and safety of chilled products, hangzhou also plans to include chilled poultry products transport vehicles into the urban area into the green channel of agricultural products. Traffic management departments shall give active support to distribution vehicles entering the urban area during rush hours, and apply for rush hour passes according to relevant regulations to allow distribution vehicles to pass.